My improvised work stand

I noticed after a day or two of riding that my derailleur wasn’t dropping into 7th gear but when I’d flip it upside down it would work. With the cold, rainy day I was pondering what I might do to improvise a work stand so I could work right side up on adjusting it.

I live/work in a tiny house and recently built a bench/shelf which also serves as a headboard for my futon which is on the other side. It occurred to me that the bench might be useful as a part of my bike workstation. I saw on another thread someone‘s use of a heavy patio umbrella stand to rig up a work stand and went to the shed where I found an oddball table leg that fit the bill. I screwed it down to the bench and put a sock on the top to keep from scratching the inside of the seat tube. It works great! The only downside is lifting the bike up that high, these things are heavy! Nice having the bench there for tools. I can remove the table leg when I’m not using the stand.

The derailleur adjustment only took 20 seconds! So much easier than flipping the bike and more accurate too!