My issues with Addmotor


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When I received my Addmotor, it would not turn on. I noticed my battery connections were severely damaged. They "shipped" a replacement set to me and blamed it on shipping. I patiently waited 3 weeks. And nothing is delivered. I forgot details but basically they forgot to send.

After a month my brand new e-bike was finally working. And I loved it until my motor start to make strange noise one day. I turn off the bike and ride it like a regular bike back home as I wasn't far away.

Next day when I turn on my bike smoke come out of the controller. Apparently controller burn out.

This was back on April. And since april I am waiting for a controller which they claim to send to me 3 times but somehow each time they can't find the tracking number. I talk with my credit card company and I hope I can get my money back and buy something that works.

I take the bike behind the barn and pull the trigger.

Ken T.

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It took me over six months to get a replacement battery. Big Wow. I charge it up and install it and..."nothing". Now the controller/display has been taken out by the battery short. Still can't find a replacement display. Seems the motor they used on the hub was an orphan and even Bafang doesn't carry replacement parts. My only option is to 1) write it off to bad experience or 2) bite the bullet and go with complete new display, hub motor, wiring, and wheel. Yowch!! big mistakes cost big bucks. Sad.
I owned addmotor and I have nothing but terrible experience. Controller burned in one week after I got the e-bike. They said it was my mistake. I ordered a new controller from them and they send me a new controller after 5 weeks and it has wrong connectors. They refuse to refund my money and ask me send back the wrong controller on my expense. Correct controller came after 3 months and they ask me pay delivery fee for that controller too.

Guess what my e-bike worked well for only 2 days and stop working again. I am frustrated with this company and not getting any reply from their customer service.

This e-bike was for my wife and really I regret making that decision