My issues with Addmotor


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When I received my Addmotor, it would not turn on. I noticed my battery connections were severely damaged. They "shipped" a replacement set to me and blamed it on shipping. I patiently waited 3 weeks. And nothing is delivered. I forgot details but basically they forgot to send.

After a month my brand new e-bike was finally working. And I loved it until my motor start to make strange noise one day. I turn off the bike and ride it like a regular bike back home as I wasn't far away.

Next day when I turn on my bike smoke come out of the controller. Apparently controller burn out.

This was back on April. And since april I am waiting for a controller which they claim to send to me 3 times but somehow each time they can't find the tracking number. I talk with my credit card company and I hope I can get my money back and buy something that works.

I take the bike behind the barn and pull the trigger.