My Journey Into Ebiking with a Daymak Eagle Deluxe 84v


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Hello All

fairly new ebiker and didn’t see much in terms of information I was interested in for the daymak eagle deluxe 84v So I’m going to use this thread as an ongoing issue tracking thread for others interested.
I picked it up yesterday and had a very quick in service at the ebike universe store. The store staff are super accommodating and friendly. They’re also practicing excellent social distancing precautions. Only one person allowed into the store at once, gloves and sanitizer before browsing the showroom. The mechanics are great to talk to.
Back to my initial thoughts and experience so far.
I went in for an ebike as a direct replacement for a vehicle. It was intending to be used to get me to work, a few things here and there and home.
my work commute is 18km one way with many hills. I would say an average of maybe 6-7% grade. Towards work it’s mostly downhill. I weigh 240lbs so I was looking for something that will guarantee my commute there and back. Living in Toronto, ON my options were great with various brand names running above $4000 for pedelec and a few other local brands taking generic Chinese scooters and rebranding them. I landed on daymak because their store was close to my home. This is important because if you need service you’ll need to haul it in.
The staff at ebike universe suggested the 84v to haul me around properly so that’s what I got.
during the first ride I noticed that the bike had plenty of torque. I had no issues going uphill at 32kph. Further as I drop I noticed the rear view mirrors were not fastened properly so flopping around. There was also quite a bit of suspension bottoming out with loud rattles. At one point the bike completely stopped working. The lcd readout displayed 88v so I should have been able to get going but it just wouldn’t budge. I ended up rolling it off to the sidewalk to check things out. Turned it off a few times and finally after waiting for about 2 minutes it was back to normal. I still don’t know what that was.
continuing my journey was not eventful until I reached home other than it was really cold and a hat and helmet are not enough. I recommend a barclava or mouth/nose mask. Definitely insulated gloves. Today I had a bit more time to have a closer look at things. The following things were obvious without taking too much apart. Underneath the bike there were these metal wires hanging off the pedal cranks which looked like they were part of the packaging. I removed them. The rear fender was already cracked due to the rear shock, piggy back cylinder slamming against it due to my weight, will ask them to replace that. I opened the small hatch in the foot area where the breaker is found and noticed a super excessive amount of hot glue used to cover almost all of the controllers ends. I will have to open it up and investigate further because the cooling vents are blocked. I checked the tire pressure and adjusted it to 40 psi. I then removed the two rear shocks in order for me to adjust the spring preload for my weight. I noticed there’s a Schaefer valve at the bottom of the piggy back and thought this is excellent I can add air to further increase damping resistance. Began this using a rock shox air shock pump. Nothing. Tried with a standard pump and could hear the air escaping. Ok so it’s not what I thought. I then removed the piggy back cylinder by in threading it and it was filled with oil. Ok so oil filled but no option to add air? Or it’s leaking. Anyway adjusted the preload and reinstalled. HUGE difference for the rear, unfortunately no option for the front. I think I need new springs.
Next I did a universal check of all fasteners everywhere and found a few bolts were loose. Over time these will loosen so use blue locktite and save yourself a headache. I also noticed how loose the pedals were. Upon removing the caps I discovered they are not held on by any fixing bolts. There’s a small Allen key bolt on the side of the crank that maintains a slight hold. Eventually you’ll loose those pedals as well so use lock tight on the Allen key bolt.
The saddle bags that come with the deluxe version are very poorly made. One of the buttons that hold the lid to the body already popped off as I was opening it. They’re also not very big. I would suggest getting standard motorcycle saddle bags or even the hard case lockable version.
at the end of the day and after a fully charged battery I ended up riding it around for about 15 minutes and noticed the voltage began at 96v then very quickly went down to 89v right down to 82v within 15 minutes and that’s on flat surface. I’m not 100% sure if it would maintain that voltage for another 2 hours which is approximately my commuting time in total. Time will tell and when I return to work on Monday I will find out.
for peace of mind I spoke to the staff there and they said there is a service where they will come and pickup the bike, however it’s usually planned a day in advance so if you get stuck somewhere have an alternate means of getting the bike back home. For example CAA or AAA plus or premier have a towing service and ebikes are included. Basic does not deal with ebikes.



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Wanted to share an update and correct information I posted earlier. I mentioned that the bike stopped working. It was actually due to me holding the brake level in. The stop lights where I stopped we’re uphill and as I held the brake the accelerator would not engage so I guess that makes sense to explain why it didn’t work. The sidewalk was more level which allowed me to release the handbrake. I experienced that a few more times riding around at home and narrowed it down to this feature.
Tuesday will be the first day I’m going to work using this ebike so further updates to come.


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One additional update to this interesting journey.
I brought the eagle in to point out the front shocks issue and they swapped them out. Huge difference.
I also noticed a wobble coming from one of the wheels. It happens at both low and high speeds. It makes the entire frame shake. I mentioned that at which point the mechanic took it out for a ride himself. He returned and admitted there is a shake and said that there’s not much he can do. It’s most likely the tires and that even if he replaced them the new ones might exhibit the same.
At this point I am rethinking my options. I have had it for exactly one week and already all sorts of issues. It feels like I bought a lemon. Its such a disappointing feeling when you buy something new and there’s non stop issues and even explanations that leave you with no other options. I’ve come to the conclusion that buying an ebike is not as easy and walking into the store and saying I want this one then driving away. You need time to test it out properly. Take it for a ride. Ride it slowly and pay attention to how it feels. Try to find a smoothly paved road. Then driving it quickly. Take it around corners, bounce on it and see how the shocks react. As a consumer you have that right.
I have reached out to sales to see my options at this point. They did agree to exchange for a different model in the past so I’m hoping they will for this as well. More to come in perhaps a different thread....


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That is not an ebike. It is electric scooter. You would likely have more response if you found a forum for that type of vehicle. This is the wrong forum for that machine.


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That is not an ebike. It is electric scooter. You would likely have more response if you found a forum for that type of vehicle. This is the wrong forum for that machine.
I’m sorry are you referring to the forums category or the entire site as a place for e bicycles only?


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Maybe endless sphere had a sub forum for these...

this is a good write up on this scooter, you should copy and paste it onto a forum that covers these, sure it will be helpful for others


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Hi Svard75, great review thank you.
I just purchased a used Eagle Deluxe and wanted to know if you have had any luck changing the config on the Daymak Drive App to get more speed from the bike?