My life was threatened....


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Correct but probably a gross oversimplification.

Seattle has about 800000 residents and approximately 10000 homeless people. Best guess in the short term that interventions that would keep those 10000 people from lighting random things on fire and stop them pooping in the streets would be on the order of $100000 per person per year. That's a billion dollars for a modest sized city. Or to put it another way that's $1250 per resident in a city that is already perceived as expensive.

My own guess is that we are going to let the problem fester until it becomes truly intolerable and then pursue a much less humane but uglier "solution."
A sad but thoughtful analysis and likely true.


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Yeah there isn't a resolution.

Guy goes crazy. I flip him off - not a smart move. I consider my options, and settle on simple avoidance. Done.

Yet here we are, debating mental health, introducing politics, exploring every tangent. I started this thread and am done reading it now, o well.
What did you expect? You started the tred off topic with the headline, "I was almost murdered today" or whatever it was and the off topic guys love that type of clickbait to get their fingers going on the keys. Hopefully the lesson you learned from your bike ride is to keep the bird in its coop...


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Report it to police and stay away from there for a while. Return with some friends next time in case he is still lurking for you. If he really intends to follow through on his threat it probably won't matter if you are carrying.
As for flipping off I usually smile and wave and while it might also infuriate them it doesn't directly challenge their toxic and fragile masculinity.
I used to wave and pretend the "stoplight nanosecond goblins" were like a long-lost friend I just recognized.
A sad but thoughtful analysis and likely true.
Bring back the "county farms" yes they were a thing for the unattached and drifters.
Not sure if I fit the ego putz deal but I feel confident with my gun in my bedroom. Pretty hard to miss with a 16 gauge Winchester model 12...
Ah .if memory serves me correctly that was standard fare for the guards on the road gang.


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.....NC is open carry and I have a hand cannon, but I'd prefer not to carry it (I do not have my CCW yet). I was thinking a real tear gas cannister might be worthwhile to carry; and I have quick access to my Foldylock which would do some real damage should I be ambushed. I'd prefer no violence, but I am going to do whatever is necessary to protect myself.
I'm in NC, too. Video is your friend. Firearms are not, unless you are going to out-stupid that other fool.