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Hello all,
I wanted to share my experience with my Magnum Summit. I don't see a lot of Summit posts here, so I thought I would share my experience / opinion.

First of all, I've had this bike (2021 model) for approximately 500 miles. I have two electric bikes, this Summit, and an older BH EVO Street Pro. I will say this right out, I absolutely love the Summit. I test rode it, and bought it right there on the spot. It is more suited to trail riding, basic mountain bike riding than my BH, but it still does great in city, or urban area rides. One thing I found to be unique on it compared to others I've tried is the 24 speed derailleur. Mine came with a Shimano Acera set. I think 24 speed is probably overkill, but I do like it as opposed to the 9 - 12 speed systems I've tried. I love the ability to go to a "granny" low when going up hills. Most of the time I leave the front sprocket in the middle one and have no problems. I have experienced good range with this bike. I usually can go 40 - 45 miles, and still have anywhere from 20% to 40% battery left. The PAS has 6 levels. I usually ride with it set on either level 2 or 3, sometimes up to 4 or 5 to get back in a hurry at the end of a ride. On PAS level 6, full on, pedaling my butt off, I can get to 29-30 MPH on flat, level ground.

Magnum bikes have been great answering questions and emails. Anytime I've asked them something I usually get a reply that day. I've inquired to them about aftermarket parts, etc, not about any problems I've had, because so far, knock on wood, I've had no issues whatsoever with this bike.

I'm a taller guy, and my bike is the 27.5" version, (I might should have looked at the 29" model), but I don't find it to be uncomfortable. After some adjustments, I find I can ride several hours and not have any issues.

OK, here are some of my modifications to the STOCK Magnum Summit....

1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Redshift Shock Stopper seat post. This thing is AWESOME. It takes a little bit of trial and error to "dial it in", but once you do, you will wonder why you didn't do this a long time ago. Now I'm wanting to get the front stem stock shopper! (If I do, I'll let you know and give a review)
2. Larger seat - I bought Selle Royal seat from some local shop because the OEM seat hurt my butt.
3. Topeak MTX rack. I would have purchased the Magnum rack that matches up to the frame bosses, but they were out of stock at that time. They now have them, however, I'm glad I ended up with the Topeak model. The bag that I got matches it and it has a rail system where you just slide it in and it locks into place, very convenient.
4. Topeak Trunk Bag - As mentioned above the sliding/locking system is great. The bag also has paniers that fold out if needed for additional storage.
5. Topeak Redlight Aura rear light - This light fits on the back of the rack and provides great visibility to keep from getting run over.

I'm currently looking for some type of headlight that works decently. I don't want to spend $500 on a headlight. The magnum has a headlight connector that's down in the frame to connect a light to the OEM wiring harness, but I've not been able to find anything that has decent reviews. Right now, I'm using a cheapo Walmart light that mounts on the handlebars. If anyone knows of any good solutions, I'd love to hear from you.

Overall, after 500 + miles, I'm still in love with the Magnum Summit. I'd love to hear from any other owners of this bike out there, and if there are any questions I can answer please feel free to hit me up!


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Congrats on your Magnum. I was in one of my LBS about a month ago looking at some accessories. They sell both standard bikes as well as some brands of ebikes. They carry several of the Magnums including the Summit. Just looking at them I was impressed with the look and "beefy" build. Was looking at the Aventon Aventure but after reading about their customer service and recent issues I've changed my mind on Aventon. The Magnum looks like a good alternative and I can get it locally and get it serviced locally if needed. The 24 speeds seems to be too much for my type of riding. I currently have two Soul Saber Beach Cruisers so it might be awhile before I purchase another ebike but I will keep the Magnum Summit on my list. Good review and hope you get a lot of good miles out of it. Keep us abreast of how it works out for you over the longer run.