My Monster Truck Hydra - Vee Tire Snowshoe 2XL’s

Cuz Vinny

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***Yes I know the tires are on backwards. Have to take them off and mount again with a larger tube***

Holy crap they fit! Only issue is I can’t use the last two cogs but removing the first two cogs and spacing the cassette outward will fix the problem. The tires are mounted on 80mm Sunringle Mulfut wheels. This is the widest rim you can use the 2XL on for this bike. They are inflated to 10 lbs each. Need to get some tubes for 5.0 inch wide tires and mount them again. They should seat better with the larger tubes. Once that’s done it’s test ride time.


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You're going to need a brush on a rear rack to keep the snow off those things and keep enough clearance! Wild that they fit. Wickwerks makes spacers & bolts for offsetting chainrings. I'm planning on running tubeless on mine but it's impossible to seat the bead without a tube or some serious airflow so I'm getting ready to order a little 1-gal compressor & prestaflator

Cuz Vinny

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I will stop posting altogether soon as WW Pushkar returns my money. I'm planning on going away for a week of riding in Maui when I go to pick up my Biktrix Mountain Goat.

Yuuuup!!!! I bought me a monte capro through a dealer in Maui this way I have dealer support. Like they say "No bike is perfect" but I think my Goat will be perfect.

Nice monster bike you got btw. I will try that with my bike, fit the fattest tire I can fit in it.

Hey @pushkar where is my money.
Personally I think you made a big mistake by not taking delivery of your WW Bike and then selling it locally. I bet you could have turned a nice profit in the process. Now because you canceled at the last min, you have to wait for Pushkar to sell your bike or return the parts he purchased to build it. Trust me your constant bashing of WW isn’t going to help the situation any.

Cuz Vinny

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That's what I was going to do. My neighbour was going to pay$7500 for it on the condition that he let me ride it from time to time but when I started reading about chain skipping and cutting into the frame chain ring on the wrong side of spider system shutdowns, incorrekt size sent to customer, plenty problems and issues like that. I was compelled to tell him about it. I don't want to do that to him . He is a retired Sherrif. Probably the same guy that sprayed foam in my Harley's tail pipe when I had a straight pipe set up. Well that was years ago.

Thats when I decided to cancel my order. Look at Deacon Blue. He would not recommend Wattwagons' product because he got bunked. Let's not forget Shel-Done with the atom bike. Very disappointing.
Then about the same time Biktrix introduced the monte capro. It's the frame design that I was really interested in. Honestly i went with Biktrix, in my opinion they make better bikes and they have a supported dealer in my home State. In an event something fails and I can't fix it. I'll just load it on my small boat and head to Maui.

The only mistake on my part is ordering that stupid Hydra. I'm hating Wattwagons because the last time I message Pushkar, he said I have been refunded through my bank and when I went to check the bank the money was not paid. The bank said Wattwagons Pushkar had not responded to the dispute claim.

Lying piece of sh!t that guy you continue to praise.
I can only comment on my experiences with him. I have two bikes and they have none of the issues you mentioned. Chain skipping is an adjustment issue. Shut downs are because the rider was most likely in the wrong gear. Spider issue never heard of. Overall his bike are excellent quality although a few did have problems like Deacon Blue’s bike.

I’m sure you will get your money back. Just be patient.

Deacon Blues

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I've had my ups and downs with WW, but after a 30+ minute FaceTime discussion with Pushkar we came up with a mutual agreement on how the problems would be resolved.

Rome, I hope you get your refund soon and can move on.