My new 2019 Juggernaut - an awesome bike


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Roshan - I just reached 9,000 feet on my new Juggernaut... the Pacific Divide at Squaw Valley. So much fun. See the pics below...
I am thrilled. More to come soon :)

Lessons learned after a pretty hard beating at such a high elevation (not a critics at all - it’s meant to be a happy user feedback):

- engine has phenomenal power,

- but engine does not “follow” the pressure on the pedal: turning the pedal and it runs full power. That’s it. It was very different on the Bafang 350W mid engine, this one seems to have no touch. I wonder why it is so different.

- the frame is very well designed, seems to be solid to resist my 200 pounds beating on demanding grounds.

- I have elevated the stem plus added a broader and higher handlebar (see picture). It’s great for me (I have a bad neck). But it’s the ultra limit of the cables. I am afraid one will break... my fault if it does :)

- the saddle is really good. Also the handles.

- the fork on the strongest adjustment is actually OK. It seems solid enough and well dimensioned.

- I don’t miss the lack of rear suspension at all. Probably because the tires are so big. I think it’s better without. Lighter, easier to pedal without the vertical “dance”. It’s perfect with such tires.

- the battery seems to be more 1.5 or 1.7 than 2.0. Probably pretty normal. There is plenty of reserve to go to the top of the divide and go another 30 miles on easy trails. I don’t really need more in one day :)

- the adherence of the tires is unmatched on a bicycle. I have done Mororcycle trials for a long time - the adherence is almost like a dirt bike. I have never had a mountain bike with such an adherence. This is a nice surprise, these tires are not a “gadget”, they are truly worth it with a powerful engine.

- the crank is way too big. First gear is crazy fast - like 11km/hr. It sucks the engine power and forces to go fast even in very technical terrain. And limits the climbing. I can’t wait to try the smaller one that Roshan (super helpful) is sending me. Seriously this one is too big for off roaring - period. Great for commuting on the road, but that’s it.

- finally I did one mistake: I saved money on the brakes and took the mechanical brakes (I also thought it would be more reliable). The bike climbs so well - that it’s safer to climb than to come back down. I went down 3,000 feet on a trail in one shot and they became spongious, I had to stop for a few minutes as it was becoming borderline dangerous. In normal utilization: good enough. But for long steep mountain trails - not totally safe at first sight. Totally my mistake: I should not have saved these 300 bucks. My only regret.

All in all: totally awesome bike. I love it.

Nothing is perfect, this one is really pretty close. I hope the engine is reliable enough and I can use it for many years.

Thank you Roshan !!




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Spectacular photo ! I put a Tektro e725 on the front on my Ultra with great results.


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As a fellow HD owner, I agree with all you say! Especially the part about the crank - OK for cruising, not for hill climbing!

Al Schlafli


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engine does not “follow” the pressure on the pedal: turning the pedal and it runs full power. That’s it. It was very different on the Bafang 350W mid engine, this one seems to have no touch. I wonder why it is so different.
That will be because the HD motor doesn't have torque sense, so you'll need to play with PAS level to get the best results. I think the 350W you're referring to is the Bafang MAX, which does have torque sense (so does the Bafang max ULTRA).

Still, the HD is a fantastic motor and loads of power and fun... sounds like it's working out well for ya!


Those handlebars are the one option I asked Roshan and Heather about. They don't offer taller handlebars, but I wonder if they can extend the cables for me if I go with this ebike?

I'm not sure about all the criticism I read about Roshan here. He took my calls himself on two occasions, and was very forthright and professional. I enjoyed talking with him.

Tim Skafidas

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I got 200 miles on the juggernaut Hd. Found it extremely valuable to go to the 32 chain ring in the front. I hear everything your saying and agree. However having the smaller chain ring (and I may go even smaller) and getting to know the gears/levels of assist will help the climbing a bunch. I got the wren shock, pas, tetro Durado brakes, Thudbuster and it’s starting to come together for me now. Playing with tire pressure, preload in Thudbuster and getting to experiment is helpful. I realize there’s a learning curve and Roshan has helped me a bunch. I’m wondering if going with a wider range of gears (smaller in front bigger in back) would be the ticket. Cheers