My new and first ever e-bike

Perth Western Australia
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This is my first ever e-bike, I test rode it a few weeks ago and loved it, I bought the bike yesterday Friday, and bought it home today. the ride home took about an hour, with a coffee stop, and I used only 1 bar of battery power. I have went for a ride this afternoon, and got a top speed of 33km/h 20.5mph, for the afternoon ride. I'm looking forward to getting lots of mileage of the next few weeks. I was mostly in level 5pas and I really got some good speed, even riding into the wind, but I did change the pas level when at traffic lights and when passing walkers


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Welcome ms-ebikes-au to EBR. There is plenty of help here with friendly people. What make bike did you buy? Send us some photos, enjoy your rides and stay safe. Any question or concerns will be answered. Good luck.