My new bike: 2020 Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625


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It is not that way, I think. We know 5 brands delivering S-Pedelecs in EU: Specialized, Trek, Haibike, Bulls, Cube. Each brand makes each S-Pedelec get the individual EU Certificate of Conformity and the VIN number (same as every moped, motorcycle or car). Each Authorized Dealer gets the authorisation from the brand to sell S-Pedelecs. So, the "approved" store is the one certified by the manufacturer.

The S-Pedelec gets the registration (so by law it is allowed in traffic). The owner insures it, so is protected against third partly liability. The rider carries their driving license. Should an accident happen, it is not any different if the accident was caused by a motorcycle or a car.

I know a thing or two about EU S-Pedelecs, friends...

Yes all true and it’s essentially what I said about the retailers having a part in pushing out the 45kph e-bikes in Europe. The approved retailer/store/LBS needs to be certified by the manufacturer to sell the HS ebikes, correct.

Add Moustache to the list too because they sell their 45kph full suspension “Friday” model in some European countries.


Yes the insurance and registration goes with out saying. That’s why those ebikes already have license plate brackets pre-installed.
I'm not challenging the existence of a number plate holder. I know they do have this. What I'm not sure about is the status of the State and the Ministry of Transportation to issue number plates for S-Pedelecs. I will read the link tomorrow to enlight myself (even though I just received my first 25km/h ebike :) )


To provide an example, when I asked a very new and reputable shop about the HS 45km/h bikes they said it's OK we can sell them as the law does not discriminate them from the 25km/h ones (!).
They issue no plates for them. They sell them fully equipped but its up to you to try to do the rest. One of the employees rides a HS bike every day to work, on mostly main roads. No plate at all, no insurance either.


I have done 2 test rides in the weekend. The first one was 25km and the second one 45km.
Even though there are some changes needed to better fit my body and riding style I can say for sure that the bike feels amazing!
The main change will be to lower and move further away the handlebar. This will require a stem and handlebar change as it is as low/away as it can get already.

The bike is very stable even on fast downhill (asphalt) sections at speeds around 60km/h :)
I did not expect that kind of ride quality after testing so many Moustaches and Riesse & Muller bikes in the summer.
The frame is stiff, the wheels/tyres very comfortable set at 40psi (I'm just 80kg)
I can feel the weight only when moving the bike and when going up stairs. When riding I can't say if it is 18kg (like my Thorn Sherpa) or 27kg.
It's weight is a great advantage when the road has even the slightest decline, as the bike easily goes up to 45km/h without spinning our of gears!
The 12speed drivetrain helps a lot on that aspect.

The Bosch Performance Line Cruise Gen3 motor (latest version and spec) if pretty much silent on all Support levels.
You cannot compare it to the CX Gen4 motors, they are on a totally different noise level.
I think that Cube has done an excellent mount job and this helps even further dampening more Decibels.

After a total of 70km on my first battery charge, with more than 30km on mountain uphill roads (8-16%) I still have 3 bars on the battery!
Estimated range left ~60km on ECO mode!

A detailed report will follow after a few more rides. And many more (and better) photos!


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I did another 60km last weekend in two different rides on the mountains around my home. The bike is crazy good. Cant say enough about the quiet performance of the Performance Line Cruise motor.

I can see indicated ECO ranges up to 240km when riding on almost flat terrain. The actual average on my type of riding should be around 130km with the engine mainly on ECO and just some big and long uphill sections on TOUR mode. This range combined with some parts that I ride with the engine OFF or above 25.5km/h give me an actual touring range of more than 150km. I know that my legs and body will be long gone before reaching this distance!

The bike is almost silent when passing over rough roads. No clunks, noises or feeling that it will break down.
I increased the tyre pressure from 40psi to 48f/52r psi and there is an even lower rolling resistance.
The Energizer Plus performance tyres are a great match to the purpose of the bike. They are not the heaviest neither the lightest eBike tyres.
They weight around 1200gr each but their cornering grip is very good. I can rail through downhill corners when going with speeds more than 60km/h
Latest max speed was 66.7km/h without even trying, I was just going on a 10km downhill section following the cars in a steady distance!

PS: I really cannot find a single reason why most manufacturers spec the CX motor for trekking and touring bikes. I know, marketing and competition....

PS2. after the two weekend rides (60km) I still have an indicated range of 71km on ECO based on the last kms usage that are quite uphill when I'm returning home.
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