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Hi all. :)

I'm addicted.

I got into having an electric assist bike last fall when I purchased a pedicab just for my own personal enjoyment.

I want to share what led up to me buying the Latch:

We had a disaster last month: The battery (Rechargeable Power Energy aka: RPE) ignited and caused a serious garage fire. The contents of my garage and the bike were a total loss. It could have been worse - the garage is detached from the house (so no significant fumes got in the house) and there was no loss of life, etc. Had the fire started at a different time, it could have easily taken down the neighbor's house if the garage had blown, etc.

In the end, there is probably about $40,000-$50,000 worth of loss that happened - but think of how it could have been a million dollar house and loss of life, etc. This was *petty* in perspective to a company that supposedly does big business. But RPE could *not* be worse to deal with. Just horrible beyond belief.

This made me soooo sad!!! I truly enjoyed having the "trike"...

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RPE wouldn't even discuss the situation and they avoid this issue (just rude and they hang up the phone!) by saying I was not their customer! Horrible. (and I have a packing slip from them showing they sent the battery to me!) Anyway... just had to share that.

Here was happier times...

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I'm still getting another cab like this - we're picking it up next week. But to satiate my need for a little sunshine and outdoors time, I got the Latch.

Gotta say that coming off of my trike on on to a 2-wheeler was a bit of a transition!

I do not commute anywhere (I work from home) .. but I like having a bike to do little runs to the grocery store or to go to the coffee shop, etc. I try to take the bike whenever the weather is decent (dry and above 30 degrees.)

I decked out my Latch with the pannier bags. I also have a set of bungees that hold that market basket on the back. My computer bag can fit inside that basket. I also have a speaker bungee'd under the seat (pedicabber trait - tunes go hand in hand with biking) :)

I'll say that I'm spoiled by having the assist for being able to scoot across intersections, etc. The cab (it had a mid drive motor) was fun because when you pull up to somewhere and have to stop, you just *stop*, *sit*, and hang out. When it's time to get movin', you can just throw some weight into the crank and get the bike moving easier than starting on a 2 wheeler. I do love that... so going to a 2 wheeler is .. .well... getting back into having a bike instead of the trike. :) I am thinking that when the new pedicab gets here, this Latch might not get used as much. The cabs are just so fun.

But.. I bought the Latch to have some versatility. I can't easily take my cab anywhere I go without dealing with a trailer, etc... but the Latch can come with me on any trips by just putting it in the back of the SUV or my RV.

The power of the assist on the Latch really did surprise me. I am not out for speed... I'm out to enjoy the ride and get some exercise. I leave the bike on "3" (highest gear) and I usually leave the assist on 1 or 2 (it goes to 5).

So far, the longest ride/day I've had it out was about 15 miles. The display said I still had well over 50% of juice left. Not bad.

I do like the display. It indicates how much power you are pulling from the assist. So, I try to keep that down to one bar while cruisin'. :)

I've read some reviews about the Latch being heavy, etc. I personally think that's a good thing. I appreciate the way this is built.

I do like having the doggie basket on the front of my bike.. but dealing with that weight just isn't suitable for this little bike - at least for me. I don't think I'd feel safe with any weight moving around up there.

One "con"... I'm not impressed with the headlight. I feel I have avoided using the Latch at night because it doesn't feel as safe as my well-lit pedicab. I truly enjoy riding at night.. so I might try to see what other options I could use to get a better headlight on this thing.

Overall, I'm loving this bike. I know I have a weird situation... I just wanted something that would be versatile to own alongside having the pedicab around for most uses. I'm pleased with my decision. This is a great little thing to own. :)

I also want to give a plug to Blue Monkey Bikes in Salt Lake City. They were exceptionally wonderful to deal with! Being 59, a woman, and overweight... it's easy to get snubbed when you go into a bike shop. ( I went into one bike shop last year - they didn't have the bike I was thinking of - and when I said I was interested in something "priced under about 4", the dude thought I meant $400 - omg - even though the other bike I came in to see was in the $3k range. Just sayin'... :) )

The guys at Blue Monkey were awesome and didn't throw any stupid attitude. It was a great transaction.