My new N Class

Greg and Jackie

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I’ve put 200 miles since receiving in November. My other Ebike is a 350 watt 7 sp and all I can say is 750 is so much more powerful I could not go back now. I can finally keep up and pass my wife on her Pedego 500 watt. There are some unique traits to this bike...
1) It is very smooth , I would say locomotive like. My wife will get the jump on me and as we build speed I’ll pass her right by as we hit top speeds. I’m able to charge up hills with very little speed loss.
2) The settings 1-6 only seem to differ in speed and not power. I find myself riding in level 2 with no want for more when I constantly ride in level 5 with my 350 hoping for more.
3) the clearance with the fenders can be a problem. Fully inflating the tires is a no go without changing the mounts of the fender for more room. I’ve gone to a schwalbe 2.1 big apple to have no rubbing issues.
4) the big “tank” is a non issue with your knees rubbing - haven’t had one problem.
5) The range has been outstanding

Overall it’s looking to be a very good , comfortable , fast bike. The looks may not be to everyone’s taste but I love the uniqueness and the feeling of “motorcycle” while riding.

Angela M.

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Awesome! Great to hear the bike is working well for you and you're having fun riding with your wife :)