My new Pedego Interceptor 2

Ray A Young

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I received my Interceptor 2 on February 28. Assembly took less than an hour with most of that being the removal from the box and bubble wrap. I took a short ride and put it back in the garage. I'll wait for warmer weather to really check it out. I did learn real quick not to have it in position 5 on the pedal assist in tight quarters. I also zipped up and down the road on the Outlaw. I really love it's power.

pedego-interceptor-shipping-box.jpg new-pedego-interceptor-bubble-wrap.jpg assembled-pedego-interceptor.jpg interceptor-and-outlaw-ebike.jpg two-cruiser-electric-bikes.jpg


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Yeah, I like the color as well. Thanks for sharing the pics Ray! I've touched them up here and in other spots on the forum to be easier to view on mobile devices. Looks like you're building quite the collection there, the ProdecoTech Outlaw and Pedego Interceptor go quite well together :)

Ray A Young

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Here is a video of a 16 mile ride on mostly hills and curves with the Pedego. I had a GoPro 2 mounted to the handle bars.



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cool Ray. Yeah the motor resonates through the frame and that makes the sound much louder than it actually is.
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Ann M.

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So @Ray A Young , you've had your electrifying green Interceptor2 for almost a year now, what are your thoughts on this ebike? I'm always interested to hear how different product perform over a longer period of time. So many bikes have that cool, powerful presence when new, but its what's left after the grime, dust and rain happen that's the real gauge of an ebike. Curious riders want to know!

Tim Hardman

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Hello Ray, I too am curious to hear a one year+ review of the pedego (frame, motor, components, maintenance and service/warranty). Hope it is still giving you smiles every time you climb aboard! Did this model have both pedal assist and throttle? Anything you wish you got on/for the bike that you did not? Knowing what you know now and the way you use the bike, would you make a different choice?