My Planet3 experience


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I was going to wait until my Vado 4.0 came off warranty before I would start modifying it. However after nearly a year and a half and 4,600 km. the bike has been so reliable I decided to go ahead and derestrict the speed limit. I live in Canada so our all of our bikes are limited to 32kph.
My buying experience with Planet3 was great. I received my kit in 4 days. It arrived in perfect condition with everything as promised.
After reading posts on this forum about these kits not lasting very long I decided to do something about it. The parts are 3D printed so the surface finish is not good. If you run your fingernail across the surface it feels like 120 grit sand paper, not smooth at all.
So I figure that because of the rough surface texture the planet gear is jumping around all over the place inside there and it wears out sooner than it should. So I took the time to sand both surfaces all the way to a 2,400 grit to the point where they are smooth and flat.
Then I made a critical blunder. I decided to wash the parts to get rid of all the sanding dust and dry them off with a hair dryer. The parts were fine for a minute but they seemed to reach a critical temperature and very suddenly they distorted. Arrgghhh! Parts were now not usable.
So I contacted Planet3 and explained my situation and he offered me a replacement ,crash kit, at half price. Great customer service.
So I ordered the replacement kit , sanded the parts again, air dried them and they are fine.
Finally I wanted to lubricate the main parts to aid slip and reduce wear so after some research I decided to use a spray silicone grease. I sprayed a very small amount and the plastic actually sucked it in. So I gave it two more light sprays until it wouldn’t take in any more oil. I removed any access from the surface.
Now when you run your finger across the surface it is super slick with no roughness at all.
My hope is that this will now outlast the bike.
Installation was pretty simple just follow the instructions.
The result is just as promised. The unit works and I can go as fast as I want. The speedometer and odometer now read low by a factor of 3.35. So 10 kph indicated is really 33.5!
I commute 50 km so this is going to work out great for the long commutes. For recreational riding I don’t see I will use it all. I stop too much to take pictures and look around. I can see that battery range is going to take a big hit at the higher speeds.


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Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
I recommend you buy the inexpensive BLEvo app (if you don't already own it). Gives you true speed and kilometres ridden, and tons of useful features!


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I enjoy watching the Planet3 videos. The guy is quite funny.
I made a comment on one of his videos saying I wish he design his kit to work on a Bosch gen 4 motor. His response was that it would be available in the near future. 👍
Yeah he had a good laugh at my expense when I melted the first kit.