My sunday ride


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This is what I did yesterday. I toured downtown Dallas, and Oak Cliff. You can't stop an eBike. I rode the streets, sidewalks, and bike trails. One observation I'd like to make is it's mainly in the burbs is where you find the turd bags that honk, crowd you, and pass close to your handle bars, but in the more urban, working class areas people are a lot more polite, almost to the point of being annoying, because they're afraid to pass you. A lot of times I head for the sidewalk to get them off my tail. Most of the time I was riding typical bicycle speeds. The highest speed I got up to was on the way home going down the highest, and steepest hill in Dallas on Hampton Rd.

I stopped at Small Planet eBikes in Oak Cliff and spent time talking to customers, and helping sell eBikes. They sold 2 Stromers while I was there. Then it started getting late in the afternoon, and temperature started falling so I headed for home, which is about 18 miles from there.

When I got home I had used 15.7 ah

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