My throttle and controller seem not to be compatible...?


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Hi, I'm trying to build a electric bike. I purchased a brushed 24 volt 300 watt Unite MY 1016 Motor. I also bought a Chinese controller and a Nice throttle. The throttle has six pins and the controller has three pins that are supposed to connect to the throttle. The throttle colors are black, red, yellow, white, green and brown. The controller's colors are red, black and blue as specified by the controller's directions . I connected the red to red and the black to black for the battery but the problem is that none of the other wires match? I tried to connect all the remaining throttle wires to the controller's blue wire but to no effect. It doesn't work when when I try the throttle. The battery is fine as is the motor. I was hoping someone could assist me with some advice...? Thank you.


Vasilios Kong

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Hello, I am from China, my English is not good, so are Google translation. I can see you post, you can try to connect the red, black and white lines of the controller to the red, black and blue lines of the controller. Do you see that there is a red and black line on a plug on the controller? That is the power switch line. Turn the turn of the red, black, brown and try to connect with them. good luck.