My very small feedback of the GX super charger Rohloff HS after 400km


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Hello all !

So I rented a super charger until I receive my super delight next year and in a week in a half I did 400 km so I thought I would give my small feedback on it.

So the good:
Very sturdy bike, that thing is HEAVY and it’s a nice point (as well as a bad one in other situations) you feel good riding it and you know it can eat road like it’s nothing

Very big battery life: I can easily pass the 100k on one charge and I live in a very hilly/mountain area
I must say I wish it was higher ! Also take note that I’m almost all the time in eco mode.

It has a Kiox and I must say the software for that things is nice it can track your rides and send it to the Bosch app super easily so you can check at the end of the day how much calories/km/etc you have done

The front fork as well as the very large handlebar and the big weels make it ready for the terrain, seriously you can go pretty much on any paths

The Rohloff is a very nice piece of machinery, very fast speed change and EPIC range you can climb pretty much any hill with that thing (and I have some really tough ones here)

The saddle (not sure of the English name but I mean the place where you sit) has an integrated suspension and that’s very cool ! I never had that before but it’s a must !

It can go fast, with higher levels of assist you can easily reach 40-45km/h

And the rest...

Most of the complains I have on it is also why I chose the upcoming super delight

First of all, no back suspension that’s really a trouble for me as I like rough terrain and the back is not really happy when you go out of a tough spot

The cables are everywhere in the front, I easily hit them when I’m standing and pedaling not such a big issue but still

The default location of the water bottle (on the top right) is a very bad location but you can change it if you have the right screw driver

I was expecting going a bit faster on the eco mode but due to the weight you are generally in the 20-30 km/h depending on how flat the terrain is I guess it is tied up to the weight of the bike, so very heavy makes it very comfy but also Moreno tough to push I was actually impressed at the calories the bike is showing to me at the end of the day

The engine has a bit of a drag at lower speed or when in off mode which should be fixed in the new model of the engine


So yeah I’m super excited for the super delight 2020 which should fix all my down points of the super charger and so far I LOVE that super charger and I think it’s an amazing bike

So that’s my two cents if you have any question hit me up ! And here is a picture for you !


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2020 Delite (orange) …
2020 Superdelite Mountain (grey)


2020 Superdelite …
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David Berry

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Does anyone know (or can give a good guess) when a 2020 SuperDelite be ordered from the US?
At this time last year I was waiting for the 2019 R&M Homage (a major upgrade already revealed) to appear on the R&M website.
  • The good news: the 2019 models appeared on the last day of August 2018 and I ordered immediately.
  • The not-so-good news; its build was scheduled for the last week of November and my Homage was ready for me when the local R&M dealer reopened after the Christmas-New Year break.
… David


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They mention "Fat Tires" on a lot of the new 'leaked' R&M info but Fat Tires in bicycles is generally specified as greater than 3.5" in width!


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Sadly most manufacturers nowadays are calling 3" tires fat (e.g., Specialized). Yes, 3" is better than 2.6" but nowhere as good as 3.8" and above.

If they made a Delite with 3.8" tires and Fox 34 'Fat' fork, that would be the perfect bike!


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The one fat tire e-bike I rode (true 4" wide) had really heavy steering. It had carbon rims, but between the weight (gyrocope effect)and the width of the tires it was really sluggish to turn. I'm leaning towards 27.5" PLUS tires for my next bike.


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The one fat tire e-bike I rode (true 4" wide) had really heavy steering. It had carbon rims, but between the weight (gyrocope effect)and the width of the tires it was really sluggish to turn. I'm leaning towards 27.5" PLUS tires for my next bike.
That is very strange to hear. You typically only get steering issues on 4.8" with loosely inflated tires, heavy tires (e.g., Kenda) or heavy handlebars.Under 'normal' conditions, e.g., Shwalbe JJ 4" + Jones H-loop you should have absolutely no steering issues. Carbon rim lightness was, most likely, offset by the weight of other components. Specifically, a heavy handlebar can easily make wheels difficult to turn.

The Fox 27.5 "plus" fork fits fat tires, so that's something to think about. It requires you to build a very specific front wheel (65mm rim/110mm hub) but the payoff is cornering and stability, even if you rear wheel is more narrow. My ideal set-up would be one with a 4.8" rear for traction and around 3.8"-4" on the front — kind of the way motorbikes do it.


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Definitely not a heavy handlebar thing.
I was going quite quickly - over 25mph. Hence my postulation about the gyroscope effect.
There are other potential bike geometry causes, like the trail, front suspension adjustment, etc.
The owner said it wasn't a problem for him getting used to it.