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Where does that fit in the bike? I assume it is inside the down tube. Is that easily accessible?
Yes, the controller is below the lower battery rest pad. You remove three small phillips screws (a jeweler's screwdriver is helpful). Remove the lower pad and the long wire cover; don't need to remove the upper pad, just the screw. One connector (w/red, yellow & black wires) must be disconnected to get the controller out. Then swap wires/connectors over. Use care to match the wires exactly. My bike had one red/black connector on the controller not used. There were two gray/black connectors, both going to sheathed wires on the bike. I tried to match them with the way they were originally oriented; not sure it would matter?
Anyway, everything still works! I put a couple of zip-ties around the wires coming down the tube to keep them in place better.
Here's some pics: