N-1 E-Bike?

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
There is a lot of happy comments of the "It's the N+1 e-bike!" nature. Meaning, we e-bikers often develop the Gear Acquisition Syndrome. As long as we can afford it, we buy the next, then the next and N+1 e-bike. Which makes sense, as there is no "one type fits all" e-bike. Having a touring e-bike, we might want to get a fast commuter one, then we start dreaming on FS e-MTB, or perhaps a road e-bike. N+1, where N is the number of e-bikes we currently own.

Owning two e-bikes makes great sense if we are talking a single person (not the wife and husband, which is a different situation). One of the e-bikes owned might be currently out of order, in servicing, under repair, and we can still ride the other one. With more than 2 e-bikes, the maintenance cost grows tremendously. I have found I experience more and more expenses to keep my three e-bikes up and running.

Have you ever considered the "N-1 e-bike" situation? I have already have taken my decision. One of the e-bikes I own, the one I use the least (however beautiful and good it is) goes to the person who deserves it: my beloved brother. At good price; the things shall stay in the family!

Your thoughts on "N-1 e-bike"?

Marci jo

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Of course I believe and live by the n+1 rule. Have two now, considering a 3rd ebike, a Pedego Element. Fat tire 20" class 2. Mostly because might fit a little easier inside the suv and wanting a throttle for zipping around town on errands. Then may part with the Trek class one. I have found maintenance cost to be minimum but my mileage is only 2000 mi (3200 km) per year.
Yes, Brother Jacek should get your ebike, provided he wants it! From your description he is such a strong rider he may not want one. I think a favorite beer or other beverage would be a good price for any family member. 🚴‍♂️ :)