Nakto City "Strollor" added features vs the Camel model


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The Nakto City Camel model has been reviewed here on EBR where the pros and cons of this budget ebike were highlighted. Looking at the Nakto website it appears a new City model the "Strollor" was introduced this year costing about $150 more but addressing one of the Camel's two main shortcomings: the Camel has very basic brakes a front rim brake and a rear wheel brake of a type called a "band brake" that is typically found on electric scooters where it is sufficient for tiny scooter wheels, but it is not a very efficient brake for a larger 26" bicycle wheel. The Strollor is similar to the Camel with some upgraded features adding longer fenders and more importantly front and rear mechanical disk brakes. The Strollor appears to share the Camel's on/off one-speed pedal assist which remains a drawback - this would need the controller and display changing to add variable speed pedal assist but Nakto don't officially provide the parts to convert it.
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