Nakto cruiser Torque? problems


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Bought a Nakto cruiser for burning man and - no burning man. It has turned it to be my everyday Pandemic transport for SF - shopping, commuter, get around. Brakes squeak, it’s noisy, I don’t care. But in pedal assist, it seems to speed up and up and up. I am unsure what is going on. And it’s tough to find someone to look at it. Bike Hut helped me with the brakes but now the display doesn’t work.I don’t even care about that. Just the weird pedal experience. Any advIce out there?

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I have had no issue with mine at all. I bedded my brakes so they would not make noise. Even left it out in the rain for a night just to see ad still no problems. I only had to keep moving the seat to find the most comfortable feel and found it. Check your connections on the display that may be your simple fix.


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cadence sensor problem? where is it located at?
Yup, that’s cause it’s one speed assist, all or nothing. I didn’t realize that either. Disappointed! But it’s cheap.
I just use the twist throttle to give it a bump when needed, or hold at low speed.