Nakto super cruiser upgrade?


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hello all. have question for people who know more about ebikes then I do. here is deal i went to bike shop told them i wanted an ebike 1000w to replace my phatmoto gas bike for my work commute. the first one they gave me was the nakto cruiser while i liked the design and looks. the performance is sad like a sports car with a go kart engine. I talked to bike shop told them this is not what i wanted month and half later i got call said what i ordered has came in. they dropped it off and to my sadness it was another nakto this time a super cruiser which is still only a 500w hub which is an improvement. but i live in wv a lot of hills and i am not a small guy. the super cruiser gets me to work but doesn't come close to the pulling power of the phatmoto even tho everyone said ebikes are better.
the upside is this one at least has a 48v battery which is an improvement as i was told it will run a 1000w hub so my question is can you upgrade the hub with a fat tire 1000w kit?
if so will i need to rewire it or will the current controler work on a bigger hub etc what all would be involved in upgradeing to a 1000w hub?
and also if it is possible to do the conversion does anyone know of or recommend a good kit for the job? also somebody told me since i am more interested in torque pulling power and not speed i might consider a duel hub setup with another 500w front hub any info on that would be great and which would be better.