Names for their ebikes


I find myself wanting to name my ebike....I'm leaning towards something short and monosyllabic like "blu" (umlauted letter "u") because the highlights/accents are light blue and they really stand out. "Blu" is short and shorter still.:D

PS: To our German members or anyone who is familiar with phonetics, will "blu" with an umlauted "u", still sound as blue? I don't want it sounding weird :eek:. Worse comes to worst, I can always add the extra letter "e". (... these are things I worry about hehehe.) Can you tell I have too much time on my hands right now? :D

Ann M.

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I haven't named my most recent ebike; need to get a few more miles on it to 'get' its personality; however, the naming of my road racing bike was important! Chose Zephyr and Ariel, felt like I was speeding with the wind on a light bike. The name changes came after being hit by a car and another wreck but the bike (and me) were fixed and rode on down the road :)


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My black bike is named ARé which stands for Any Road electric. My silver bike under constructions build name is e Vil but that may change after I get to ride it for a few hundred miles and as Ann says reveals its personality.