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Hi to E-bikes having rented one last summer. I am a mid 50's 5'10 "fluffy" 245lb guy from NEOH and i am determined to buy a bike from a bike shop and not online. Found a great shop that carries the above to brands, among other more expensive brands like Gazelle and Stromer. After researching on here extensively, i have come to the conclusion that hydraulic breaks are a must and having test rode a bunch, i really want a throttle. Like the comments mentioned, the Igo throttle is a bit underwhelming as it is limited to the power assist level, but it does have a slightly larger battery and as a heavier guy, it might give me a bit more range?? The Magnum was a sweet ride, a bit more responsive. They seem very similar so I am wondering how people feel about the one vs the other. We plan on riding on bike paths and roads strictly for recreation as there are lots of parks to visit in NEOH as well as the rest of the USA. If only I could find a Thule EasyFold XT 2-Bike Hitch Rack in stock right now, but that is another issue all together. Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated by this newbie. Thanks!!