National parks = eBikes


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There are a lot of people who get ebikes due to their physical limitations and so it's only right and fair that ebikes be allowed as they are not operating at any higher speeds than most regular bike riders, and not making more noise, and often the ebike riders are older and more respectful of others. Let's hope the hysterists and radicals don't overturn this law and ruin it for everyone.


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Also seems to require bikes that can't go over 20 on power.

The policy says 20mph on power alone, that includes both Class 2 & Class 3 28mph ebikes provided their throttle cuts out at 20mph. This is to prohibit electric motorcycles or motorized scooters that can only be powered using a throttle. My reading is the policy permits Class 1-3 ebikes provided we refrain from using a throttle, PAS pedal assisted or unassisted riding is permitted up to trail speed limit.
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This seems like a good "common sense" policy. I hope it will become a model for other state and local government regulations for trails that currently prohibit ebikes.