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It takes one revolution of the pedals before assist kicks in. Is there some way to change that?
The front suspension on the bike is very wobbly. Doesn't handle tight turns well. Especially when the assist isn't working fast enough due to the delay before it kicks in. I've tried using the throttle & it's too much on a tight turn.

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The delay in assist is fairly common in my experience, which is most problematic if you are either dodging traffic or going uphill. I will usually compensate (especially if starting on an incline) by gently using the throttle just to get started, which will get you through the lag time for the normal assist to kick in. Practice using the throttle when you don’t actually need it - just to become more familiar/comfortable with how it functions In different riding conditions. You will eventually develop a feel for how to utilize the throttle to overcome the lag you experience before assist kicks in ! I have not had any issues with my front suspension, so you might have it checked by your LBS to see if an adjustment is needed. . .