NCM Moscow Plus 29


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I recently bought this new bike on Amazon and It worked fine for a month, even though since the beginning I noticed weird things. Being the first electric bike I ride, I thought they were normal or part of the technology, things like accelerating and suddenly loosing acceleration to came back after a few seconds, very sporadically though so not to be an issue or annoying. Afte a month the issue suddenly turned worse, loosing power for at least one time while riding and for more than a few seconds. One day, the display will not turn on, it will for a second and then all will go off, I emailed the vendor and they concluded right away that the controller was faulty and they send me a new one very fast. I went to a bike shop and they changed it, the vendor also took care of the bike shop, so they have been really supportive. The bike lasted literally 2 days working ok, then today again I was getting ready for a ride, when I turned on the display, it went on for a second and then dead again. The display does not turn on again, same like the first time.
The battery is charged and all that, I also reviewed all the connectors, no issues there.

So now Im wondering, what is going on? Is the money I spent on this worth it, or should I consider sending this back for refund? Does anyone have experienced something similar?
Its really a shame because I really like the look and feel of this bike, other than the electric part, biking this is really nice, is comfortable and very smooth.

Thank you.