NCM Owners Thread

I’m curious to what you all are riding and what you found works (accessories) with your bike.

Do any of you have any helpful tips that you found out while working on your bike?

Here’s a pic of my vinyl stickerbombed/vinyl wrapped 29er NCM Moscow Plus 48v/500w.



Next thing on the list is a new front suspension and installing lighting. More pics to come.
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I noticed my cadence sensor wire is a bit exposed under the bike. I’m thinking I might add some silicone where the wire meets the magnet disk part. Then possibly black gorilla tape on top of it. Not sure on my approach yet. While I’m out getting supplies I’m picking up some dielectric grease for the electrical connections on the bike.
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Got the lighting installed. Not much real estate to put them on. This is working for me so far. Going to test it more tonight when it gets dark. Just need to get that front suspension swapped and I’ll have my bike where I want it to be.