NCM Prague - Rear wheel issue


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Hi, guys. Happy owner of ncm prague here. Just couple of words about myself; i am bike mechanic in the past, long time mtb enthusiast, having whole fleet of bike. wanted an entry level introduction into ebike topic, so bought prague and it is the great bike.
I d like bring to your attention certain issue, i faced just now. tried to remove rear wheel in order to fix flat tire. after unbolting, i realized that axle is deadly stuck in dropouts. took quite some time to solve. i logically deducted that axle's flat side wedged into the metal of dropout. so i tried to realign axle with wrench. applied some penetrant oil and gently hammered axle from drop outs.
visually there are traces of axle grinding into metal of the dropouts.
In my humble opinion, such issue should not arise with such a low powered motor, but i have, what i have. placed an order on torque arm and plan to install it.

another surprise was to see a lot of rubber cuttings inside of the tire and tube valve torn from the tube. rim tape was twisted over. this is often case with fat bikes, when u run them tubed at low pressure, that's why people try to run them tubeless. but i cannot say this is a common issue with conventional wheels and i m a bit concerned by this problem. so i re pumped tire to stone firm condition and look into converting wheel to tubeless, not with this tires obviously.
overall, despite of these problems (and some minor electrical glitches) it is a great bike with decent components for the price
Yes, the flat sides of the axle do become wedged in the dropouts. A 10mm open ended wrench will easily allow you to rotate the axle and free it for removal.