Need advice on building Electric Cart


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Hi Folks! I'm hoping to get some advice on how to build an electric cart I use for hauling my music gear. The cart is ideal for my setup and I have made several attempts. I have video/pictures. I utilized 2 brand name Electric drills with various level of success. It worked but the motor in the last drill finally gave out. I need to be able to control with a throttle. I don't have a lot of experience with this and came up with the design after watching Youtube videos. I am thinking an electric scooter motor would provide enough torque for me to load in the bed of my pickup. The drill actually did this pretty well but I never got the throttle mechanism to work well. The main problem with the throttle issue is that I can not find adjustable grips. The handles for the cart are slightly larger than standard handle bars and none of the throttle kits had a large enough inside diameter or were adjustable. This is very frustrating. I have looked at kits for sale on Ebay but I don't know how to wire and what is the best choice for my application. Here is a video link.


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OK, not much response :-(
Let me be specific. What type of motor, controller and throttle would be best for the cart I am trying to modify? As the video says, the weight will probably never exceed 500lbs but the motor does need to be able to push cart up ramps to place it fully loaded in the back of my pickup. Come on folks! Someone has to have experience with this! I need specific recommendations. Thanks ahead of time!