Need advice on purchasing Recumbent Electric Trike from AliExpress (China)

Terry Jones

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I am looking into purchasing a Recumbent Electric Trike from AliExpress.
There is two companies that sell these trikes through Ali Express as follows:
Zhengzhou Merck Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd
Big Winner online store
The prices are very low for these trikes sold through AliExpress.
For instance, I can buy a 3*8 speed rear suspension electric recumbent trike tricycle for $1099 + $437 shipping.
The following is the web site for one that I am thinking of getting:

Does anyone have any experience with buying from these companies or AliExpress?


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Terry, I have no experience with Aliexpress, but I have read that may not be easy to know the full price until you order. My personal belief is that often we really do "get what we pay for".
Good luck! Let us know what you decide. :)

Wiking Ole

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Big winner haven't CE mark the recumbent, and have the lowest price ($750 for sample plus transport)
Merck have CE mark for the recumbent, but not for the charger (and no safety certification). ($1150). I am also looking after alternative suppliers.