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Thanks in advance. Everything I know about ebikes so far I've learned from Never ridden an ebike. Will be for fun and exercise. Living in Atlanta GA now, lots of hills and kness not real good so considering an ebike. Flexible on price if I can get what I want ($1,500-3,500), although being my first ebike, I won't know until owning one for a few months how much I will enjoy riding, so the lower end of my price range probably makes more sense for my first ebike. Here's my wishlist with the most important first. I understand I may not get them all:

1. Portable enough (weight and size) to fit in the back of my late model Subaru Outback. Okay with quick release front wheel or even folding bike if folding bikes are generally good bikes.
2. Comfort. Probably a cruisers with front suspension, seat suspension, bigger tires.
3. Easy getting on and off - knees not real good.
4. Stealthy. Modern or retro design is good, but don't want to scream ebike or be embarrassed riding in the neighborhood.
5. Quietness. Just want to hear mother nature.
6. Locally serviceable. It appears many of the brands are not sold locally in Atlanta.
7. USB port for phone would be nice.

Top speed, range, number of gears not real import as long as they're reasonable.


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I'm like you. Never ridden, looking to buy.

Right now I'm digging the e-Joe Epik SE. The 2017 version has a big battery, it's got good reviews, hidden battery, quality parts, reasonably priced.


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Yes, the reviewer definetly was more enthusiastic about the e-Joe Epik SE than the Electrobike Magnos, and if I could find a dealer locally that's probably the one I would get. A concern of mine, which was validated by several folks here is the benefits of buying locally for maintenance and warranty work, especially if it's your first ebike. There's an Electrobike store opening up in a few weeks close to my house. They also will have rentals so there's a good chance I'll be able to spend some time with the Magnos before making a decision. Although the reviewer is almost certainly right that the e-Joe is a better bike, I really like the 3 spoke wheels and the traditional overall look. Also like having an LCD with the additional information. But either bike should fit nicely in my SUV, and because they're smaller than a standard bike, I'm hoping I can have my dog running along side me while I ride so if my battery goes dead she can just dog-sled me home. Just kidding of course, but she's a pit and all muscle. Just want to add that I still haven't given up on the idea of a full size ebike that looks like a standard bike. I've always owned kinda macho vehicles and could never see myself on a scooter or Moped, so I hope this doesn't get in the way of choosing the best bike for me now.
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My wife's ebike is an LG Maui 500EX. We got a nice deal on it, paying a little more than $1300 for it a year ago at Crazy Lennies (crazylennysebikes,com ) in Madison WI. It's a 500 watt 48volt rear geared hub. Mechanical disks, front suspension, and 8 speeds, I believe.

We had it back in Wisconsin last week. Two rides of 10 and 14 miles, at 12-14 mph under constant easy pedalling, and probably 10 miles left in the battery. I've never tried to run it down to figure the range. I can pedal it past 20 mph, as fast as 25 mph, but that's too fast for a cruiser where the handlebars feel like I'm playing Foosball. This is for riding a little faster than pedal speeds. My wife never really enjoyed bikes past age 50, but now she's good for an hour at age 65 w/o getting tired at all.

LG _maui.jpg

Weighs about 48 pounds w/o battery. I brought it home to Illinois in a station wagon, but I believe I bent the derailleur letting it sit on its side. I just noticed it this week. Get a hitch installed on your Suburu and buy a platform carrier. That's how we move our e-bikes.

I don't think you can buy this bike any more, but my point is that depending on what one is looking for, a fun bike doesn't have to be fast nor does it have to cost $3000.
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Couple things to consider. First, e-bike laws in Georgia are similar to those here in Minnesota. E-bikes are limited to 20 MPH. Speed pedelecs that provide power past 20 MPH are not classified as bicycles. This may cause problems if you ever get into an accident or have to file an insurance claim. They are probably not allowed on bike trails either. That being said, many speed pedelecs can be limited by software to comply with such laws, especially those sold internationally—if this concerns you. I did this with mine.

As far as local availability, have you checked out Haute Bicycle ((Link Removed - No Longer Exists)). They're just east of Atlanta in Decatur. They sell Easy Motion, Kalkoff, Haibike, Juiced, Xtracycle, Yuba and Raleigh. Chances are, they can get other models from the same just may take longer. Authorized dealers of major brand names such as Raleigh and Specialized, even if they don't specifically sell e-bikes, can order them as well. Many smaller bike shops can also order e-bikes, but don't stock them because they are not fast sellers and they can't afford to stock a wide enough variety. So if you have a local bike shop you like, talk to them about e-bikes and if they can order them, what brands, and their ability to service them. You might be surprised. My Specialized dealer has never stocked e-bikes, but they have dozens of customers with them (including myself).

Judging by your criteria, the Easy Motion step-thru style bikes might be nice choices. They are very stealthy looking. They are on the higher end of your price range, but high quality bikes from a reputable manufacturer (BH). Being geared, they are a bit noisier than some, but not by much. Wind noise and assist levels will keep noise annoyance to a minimum. In addition to Haut Bicycle, Twist 'n' Scoot ( in Atlanta also sells Easy Motions. From personal experience, the Specialized Turbo line is as quiet as it gets. Tire noise is louder than my motor on my 2015 Turbo X. I've tried both Easy Motion and Specialized and both are what I would consider acceptably quiet e-bikes. Although I haven't tried Easy Motion's new 500 watt motors in their 2016 lineup. These are purpose built e-bikes. Not just a motor/battery thrown on an existing frame, made to fit. I find that worth the extra $$$. Also, asks about discontinued models. My 2015 Turbo X was $4,000 new, they are now on closeout for ~$2600. Again, don't go by what you see in the store. Ask what else they can order.


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9ball I'd demo a few electric bikes before deciding anything.

If you haven't ridden a bicycle Ina while you may want to make sure you actually like riding. Maybe rent one for a couple of hours.

Electric bikes are expensive and depreciation from a private sale is very steep.

If you're looking for comfort try a bike with wide 20" tires.

Have fun!


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Thanks guys for your help. I met this week with the owner of the Electrobike store in my neighboorhood that's about to open in a few weeks. He arranged to let me road test the Magnos folding bike and another full size bike for comparison. I was impressed with the Magnos. I'm a newbie to e-Bikes but I've owned bikes before and can appreciate a bike that looks and performs as well as this one did. It's solid, comfortable, and powerful. I weigh 200 lbs. and effortlessly negotiated various road grades. Actually never needed anything above level 2 assist - max is 5. The padded seat with suspension and the front suspension fork made for a comfortable ride. The integrated front and rear brake lights are sweet. The gray with black accents paint job is stealthy enough, and I still got a complement and a thumbs up from folks who saw me riding around the parking lot in front of the store. The bike is easy to collapse. I can get 2 bikes in the back of my Subaru Outback without folding down the back seat, although at 51 lbs., it's a bit heavy. It doesn't have a charging port for my phone, but that's the only feature it's missing that I wanted. For an entry level bike, it's well equipped with descent parts. The list price is $1,499, and since this is probably the first Electrobike the new bike store owner has sold, he's discounting it 20%, so I'm getting it for $1200. The reviewer here at may not have been as enthusiastic about the Electrobike brand as some others, but he liked the Magnos. It's a nice bike and a great value.
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