Need chain longer than SRAM sells


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I just converted a bike from the SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain (Shimano driver, 11-50 cassette) to the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain (XD driver, 10-50 cassette). This meant replacing the rear wheel (I did front wheel too), cassette, and derailleur.

What's weird is that I needed two more links in the chain than before. This is odd, because the big cog is the same size as before. I don't know how the old bike was getting into the lowest gear before (but I wasn't riding it, my wife was).

What was disappointing is that the original chain was the SRAM standard 126 link length. Luckily, I had two chains, so I was able to pull a couple of links off of one to put onto the other. So, now I have two master links on this bike's chain.

Am I now always going to need to do this? Is there any way to order a longer chain from SRAM so that I wouldn't need two master links?

And finally, I considered cutting both chains kind of in half so that the two master links weren't so close to each other. Is that something I should do, or just leave it as it is now?



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If there is nothing specific to the SRAM GX, then use a non-SRAM chain.

Assuming it's a 12 speed this 130 link KMC states it works with SRAM MTB: