Need Currie Tech mid-drive motor wiring diagrams


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I had started this thread about my new Busch and Muller Cyo E Premium headlight not working with my new 2016 iZIP E3 Vibe Plus.

I've contacted tech support at Currie Tech (now Raleigh) and asked for a wiring diagram so I can try to troubleshoot. Currie's lead tech said they don't have one??? How does the company who makes this system NOT have their own wiring diagram?

If anyone knows where I can get one for their 350W mid-drive motor setup that would be great. Or if anyone at least knows where to get the specs. I need to know if the controller that reduces the voltage output to the headlight/taillight wires also reduces the current and, if so, what is the mA it's reduced to.

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Hmm, last time I checked in with Currie Tech, their support was still available, although the Raleigh and Izip products were both being helped by the same folks. I suggest that you chat with Chawn Weingarten or Monte Zwern who are both specialists with the Izip line of ebikes. Contact #800-377-4532.

You could have a simple connection issue or a problem with the headlight itself. Headlights that are directly connected to a battery are not going to have the power variance as mentioned in the link above since they are moderated by the voltage of the battery. This may be your issue since it looks like the headlight you want to use is dependent upon the power output of the motor. Peter White's site has a number of different Busch & Muller headlight systems with detailed info on the different models.

Any image you use to visualize this headlight's output is relative since a valuation of 100 lux is dependent upon the distance to an object and the width of the angle of the light. A handy source for sorting out lumen & lux makes our OP's question a little more complicated; the headlight may be performing correctly but not really as powerful as RJNS needed.


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Chawn is the one I spoke to at Currie Tech who said they had no wiring diagram. He was only able to send me a photo showing the overall view of how the wiring goes from the battery to the motor then splits off to the panel/throttle/lights. I've done all the testing on the bike that Chawn recommended and am finding no problem with the wiring so he said he can't help me as the bike is working normally.

I've been in frequent contact with Peter White as that's where I got the lights from. I've told him about all the testing I've done on the bike end, but he admits he's not an e-bike guy. A derailleur guy, definitely, but not e-bikes. All the info I give him, he passes on to the Busch and Muller tech. We're still waiting for a response to troubleshoot, but are suspecting that the bike and headlight may not be compatible.

Finally, as far as the image I attached to the other post, that's the image from B&M's website of the Cyo E Premium headlight. This was the whole reason I bought that light so it's extremely frustrating that it's nothing but a nightlight on my bike. I've attached photos of the Cyo on my bike (the really dark one), a Serfas True 200 rechargeable headlight on my bike (in the same place), and Peter testing my Cyo (that I shipped back to him) in his driveway. So, this is not an issue of the brightness being subjective. The Cyo is not dependent on the power output as long as it's in the 6-42V range. It's supposed to be the same brightness whether it's getting 6V or 42V. My bike headlight wiring puts out a constant 6V and doesn't fluctuate. I also tried riding around with the light on and it never got any brighter.

The reason I'm trying to get the mA specs from the bike and the wiring diagram is because a relative, who is an electrical engineer, and a friend, who is an electronics designer, are both suggesting that the current from the bike may not be high enough for what the LED driver in the light requires, hence the dim light. This would make the bike and light incompatible. Chawn was not helpful with these specific questions. I don't know if they're trying to keep trade secrets or what. I also don't want to mess with the bike too much since it's still under warranty.

So, short of dismantling the motor and wiring harness, I've tested everything I possibly could. Unless, I can find out what the mA is supposed to be as opposed to what I actually measure, there's no way to know for sure if there's a problem with the bike wiring itself or the light is just not going to work on this bike.


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