need help battery RCA charging port broken + ground green wire?


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Hello to all. As I was changing the end cap of my ebike battery, I pulled off -and sparked- the whole thing. In short....I now have to replace the RCA battery charging port with a new one (see pic attached).

a couple of questions

1. the green wire, is it a ground wire? I had noticed before I pulled it it was attached to a round metal thing around the connector.

2. if I touch with bare hands the red wire (battery is 40 V) it dangerous?

see pics attached. thanks in advance for all the help


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George S.

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Green is normally ground, and red Positive. Best to check with a ten dollar volt meter:

There are lots of tutorials kicking around. That looks like a Chinese battery pack so you need to know a few things.

My Guess: The plug coming out of the charger is the male RCA and you want to attach the red and green to the female RCA you don't have?

You can buy screw down adapters, male or female...

You could buy XT60 connectors and put them on both ends. The XT60 is more standard for DIY, as long as you can solder.