Need help choosing.


Are you able to turn down the max power assistance any further? Or what exactly is the range? From what you describe, it sounds like the bike is giving more assistance that I would prefer. I have my lowest assist level set to 5% (which shows 30 to 35 watts on the power meter) on my e-bike but increase it on hills.
I heard that each of the 3 levels has an increase regardless of what you have it set at in the app, but I believe I can have mine all the way down to 0 for all of them if I want.

Stefan Mikes

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I heard that each of the 3 levels has an increase regardless of what you have it set at in the app, but I believe I can have mine all the way down to 0 for all of them if I want.
You can set anything you like 0-100/0-100 in 5% increments using Mission Control but you can also have 1% increments with BLEvo app.
I wonder now lloose if you shouldn't have bought a Vado SL instead :)


I bought the 2020 3.0 in the gray color (not the blue gray, the one that is actually gray).

I wish I would have known about the 1.2 vs 1.2e motor. When I was at the bike shop, the sales guy said that they had the same motor when I was asking for the differences between the 3.0 and 4.0. If I would have known it was a slightly more powerful motor with more torque, I would have at least test drove the 4.0. I didn't realize the 4.0 also came with a faster charger (4a vs 2a). The components alone for $500 more would be nice but not a huge deal. The components + slightly better motor + fast charger would have probably been enough for me to go to the other location and test ride the 4.0. I wish Specialized was more forward with their motor specs too, I could have made a better choice if I just knew that the motors were slightly different.

I am probably overthinking this though. I wanted this bike because it felt more engaging to ride. I could shift through gears and give the bike more, allowing a longer range. Riding my Lectric XP was fun, but the opposite of what this bike feels like. The XP was more in charge of the ride than I was. If I turned off the motor, the XP was grueling to pedal. The Vado feels like a normal bike without the motor on. I love that I get rewarded for shifting through my gears on the Vado 3.0. The gears on my XP are just a novelty to be honest, I rarely ever shifted out of the highest gear because the motor was pushing all the time anyways.

I still think that my 3.0 was probably the better choice. I just need to go up a few hills to put my mind at ease. If not, I have a 30 day return policy and I don't think they would mind me returning it as an exchange for the 4.0. I really don't think its going to be an issue though.
Same. I've had the Vado 3.0 with the 1.2e for a year now. Not too many LBS folks know the difference between the 1.2 and 1.2e. Heck even You Tube videos are all over the map on what versions are in each Vado. Yes, having the Xtra torque would have been nice. I live in the SF Bay Area so plenty of challenging hills. My wife has a Como with the 1.2 and she can climb steep 10-15% grade hills easier than I can. However, I get an amazing workout and can still conquer grinding hill climbs that would have killed me with lactic acid on my analog MTB. On the flats, the Vado 3.0 is pretty darn fast, I've hit almost 30 MPH on a long straight deserted paved park trail. I've also ridden off road and the Vado is a more than capable "gravel bike". Do I have buyers regret? Sometimes, especially when my wife outclimbs me. On the other hand, I wanted my wife to have parity when we bike. She's happier and I am too. The Vado 3.0 is a solid bike and I'm glad I have it. It's one of the best bang for the bucks eBikes out on the market.