Need Help Deciding Between Stunner LT and X and Swift


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I know that the main difference between these bikes is Hub vs Mid-drive. This is my first bike. I live in suburban Denver, CO, and most of the time will be riding on streets for trips to stores, commuting 3 miles to work. I will also use it to tool around state parks and other hard-pack trails, which is one of the reasons I am leaning a bit to the X since I could get it with 3" tires that would have less drag than the LT's 4-inch fat tires. There are a decent number of hills in my area which has kept me from riding a regular bike that much. I am 61 yr. old man, 5'7-8", 200 lbs (hence the need to get riding ;)) and short legs (28 in. inseam) which make the standover height critical.

I have strong legs (walk 10,000 steps a day) and don't mind peddling all the time. I have test ridden a Magnum and Pegasus mid-drive and liked them, but have also test ridden 750W hub drives (Aventon, Magnum) and like them as well. I don't mind waiting months to get the right bike. And I would like to keep the price to around $2k... this way I don't feel guilty that I could have bought my son in college a used car for the price I would have spent on an ebike!

Should I also consider the Swift? Could I put wider tires on it later? Other bikes being considered in Bagibike B26, MS2 All-Terrain 750 Sport, Ride 1Up Lmt'd, Bolton 2020 Blackbird (24"), Sonders new Elite line and Green Bike EM2.

Help! Confused. Any insights welcomed.
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Stunner X. Some people don't like the space between the 3" tires and the fenders and if that bothers you then go with the 4". I'm pretty sure you will love it either way and I don't think you can do better for the money. Mid-drive for the Colorado hills!!!


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If you're hitting hills and trails, I'd fully recommend the Stunner X, since mid-drive has some clear advantages for climbing.

Standover should be plenty comfortable for you, I'm same height and 29" inseam, have ridden the X and it's fantastic. The bike will actually sit a bit lower if it has 3" tires too!

For the 2 grand price it's a lot of bike, the motor can put out 1200W easily... And it's also a common battery pack format, so you have options for added range (or even 52V, I think it's compatible on that bike).

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Hi Slippitt,
I notice you are in Denver. Have you checked out this local ( on Federal Ave just north of 8th-- on the east side of the street-- the SOLAR building) ebike shop: .. I was very impressed by their bikes. I didn't buy one ONLY because they use mechanical brakes (my 2018 M2S KUSH ebike uses hydraulic brakes) and theirs has 190mm rear dropouts for the rear wheel (my KUSH has 175mm rear dropouts). Also, they currently have one heck of an interesting freebie to entice you to place an order.. For you, no shipping costs BUT sales tax. Also, you will have the luxury of "service after the sale" on a local basis.
In addition: by all means, spend the $$$ for the 21ah battery. You won't regret it.