Need help deciding on a sub $2,500 bike for off road


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I've gone down the rabbit hole and watched far too many video reviews on e bikes, yet I'm not any closer to making my decision.

I'm looking for the best bike for the money - that being less than $2,500. The bike is going to be used purely for off road, but nothing major. Mostly dirt roads, and for hunting. Some smallish hills, but nothing major. I'm not going to be using it to drag deer/hogs out of the woods, just getting from point A to B, quietly and efficiently. I'm open to either hub, or mid-drive. The only ebike experience I have had was with a Pedago hub drive and it was plenty powerful, but at close to $4,000, considerably more than what I'm willing to spend - especially as it will only get roughly 30 days of ride time per year and never more than 50 miles in a weekend trip.

Bikes I've been looking at:
M2S R750 HT $1,800 (I like that it comes standard with fenders and rear rack)
Rad Rover $1,600
Eunorau Fat HD $2,400
Juiced Rip Current $1,900

Any other worth looking at, based off my budget and intended use? I don't want to buy a bike and then add a bunch of accessories, or swap out parts, post purchase.


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With $2500 you can do a lot! One guy, Nathan, did this bike for $2,000. It has an Alfine 8-speed internal hub of gears. No derailleur to get bashed. He found the bike on Craigslist and had it converted with dual batteries for rides over 50 miles up to 90 miles. He can make it a Gates Carbon belt drive at anytime. This bike is a STOP. If you want to see some more images for ideas go to I made one today that is 35lbs., has 80Nm of torque, 10-speeds, 80Km range on the first battery, 60/40 weight distribution centered less than 9cm above the hubs. The down side is that it required one ugly zip tie. Ugly bundles of wires and zip ties are for Hee-Haw studio audience bikes. The eBike in the image is for bike packing and climbs. Does it look electric?


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Have a look at the Rize bikes as well. That budget will let you look at both hub drives and Ultra powered mid drives.



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Thanks for the suggestion. For my use, would you suggest the Classic Duo Hubdrive, or Mid-drive?
I have the Bafang Ultra mid-drive, and I have not tried a hub drive; but I like the idea of a duo hub-drive.

Advantage of mid-drive: Most efficiency and least weight, will climb without overheating

Advantage of duo hub-drive: Redundancy, can use motor if chain breaks; can use both motors for climbing