Need help for a very tall (and heavy) rider


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Pleasanton, CA

bis zu 2500w Leistung​

Das E-Bike ist nicht StVZO Zugelassen und darf nicht auf öffentlichen Straßen gefahren werden.

Viel Glück. (Euro bikes are allowed up to 250 W nominal).
And... Carbon Fibre frame for a heavy rider?! These frames do break.
@Stefan Mikes - please know I love your posts and respect your opinions (have given you tons of likes)!! I was 193cm (now 191+?cm) and just under 120kg post COVID (want to be 100kg again!). I have broken gobs of CromMoly top brand name frames in my day that are still alive today (started MTB back in 1985). I settled mostly on over sized aluminum frames and except one odd ball, never crushed an American made Can-o-snails! Thus I have a barn full of them and some custom frames too; both Ti and Steel.... (another story!)

A good buddy talked me into my first and currently only carbon frame, a 2008 Ibis Mojo-C. I love the bugger and have hit the thing harder than any Cannondale DH. Twelve years and I t has zero signs of micro-fractures (zero clear coat cracks). If Ibis made an ebike, I would buy it in a heartbeat. A properly designed CF frame is dang near bulletproof! Thus after reading up on Wattwagons and what @pushkar is doing, I convinced him to do a true XL frame (52cm or 21 inch) sight unseen! I will own the first 150kg rated Hydra XL guinea pig on a <27kg ebike with batteries. I don't plan on going anywhere and will post good or bad....

If Euro 750W limits are desired, that too can be obtained at less money (a standard option; as crazy is more $₽¥€£).

I think you saw the old 1999 EVG I’m renovating.... (did first ride yesterday; will report soon!)

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
If Euro 750W limits are desired
It is 250 W. That's why I told Alby not to listen to advices from non-Europeans :D (@Alaskan is a notable exception here. His remark on R&M Supercharger 2 was valuable).

NCM might be a German company but trust me they mostly sell overseas. Germany is too a serious country related to safety and law to allow such monsters there. And Germany is the "home of e-bikes" surpassing the number of these vehicles in North America tenfold :)
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The looks are not for everyone but I would check out some Cargo bikes, something like a R&M load has full suspension and a weight capacity of well over 400lbs, you could test one right there in Germany before dropping all that cash!


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There was somebody from New Zealand talking about his Surly this week. They are probably for sale in EU, too. I don't recommend the 250 W EU compliant motors, but the nanny states here that limit to 350 W no throttles haven't forbidden the sale of 2000 W power wheels. You buy it over the internet, bolt it on your bike, you're Jolly Roger with no license plate or insurance. Maybe that works in Europe. I find the 500W Mac12 to be amazingly powerful up to 23 mph, hard to find but worth it. Had to pay $70 to get it laced into a wheel. Mac12t is not for sale on built e-bikes for some reason. Tell me again how useless diy bikes are? As compared to the "500 W" radwagon that there was complaint this week wouldn't carry a purchaser up a hill? Much less his 80 lb groceries. Somebody that has to have 25 mph can buy a Mac10t, but I'll scoot across the 6 lanes on a 6 second green light faster on my Mac12t.


Alby I ama bit smaller than you I have the US Spec's Giant Explorer. I am about 108KG and 1.75M tall. I have the Medium sized frame. The EU spec'd bike can be found here:

I am using mine to have #onelesscar.