Need Help In Buying My First E-Bike


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Hello everyone,

I'm 47 years old, 5'11" and 260lb with a hope to lose wait cycling :cool:
I'm based in the US and in the market for my first e-bike and want to make a decision this week. Looking for a leisure type ride mostly on roads, neighborhoods and public parks with good trails. Nothing too crazy.
I've searched for hours and hours for bikes that will be strong for my weight and provide a good experience under $2,000 USD. I have some upper back issues so prefer a more straight position rather than leaning hard on the hands and stretching the neck for proper visibility.
I'm basically trying to decide between the VoltBike Yukon 750 Limited and the Stunner LT from Biktrix. I know one is a step over and the other is a step through ... both types are fine and both can be ridden in a fairly straight position. I'm struggling a bit with the Yukon ... it looks good, but seems like it's really more of a 500W motor that is limited to 20mph no matter if it's US or Canada. Am I missing something here ? can it be adjusted easily to go up to 28mph or not ? I tried to call VoltBikes and ask ... it was very hard to get them on the phone, then I finally get someone and she hangs the phone on me (hopefully accidentally) and then I called again and they couldn't answer the question and said they will get back to me tomorrow. I wrote emails to them and didn't get a response either. Should I be concerned of their support ?
Biktrix were much more responsive and I was impressed with some of the reviews I've seen on Biktrix as a company.

Can you guys help me choose here ?
The Yukon 750 limited is a very nice looking bike ... maybe more then the Stunner LT, but which one will be a better choice on the longer run ?

Thanks in advance and stay safe.


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The poor response from VoltBikes would certainly make me not buy from them.

I’m a firm believer that buying from a good local dealer is very important. An ebike often needs a lot more support than a regular bike and it would be really tough to get that support if you bought online. Also it’s really important to try (or at least sit on) the actual make/model you want to buy before buying. A bike must fit you well!

Good luck with your purchase and let us know what you end up getting.