Need Help Purchasing an Ebike


I am a 56 year old teacher who would like to bike to and from school but at my age I can't make it up the hills anymore. I have tried the GoCycle 2 and liked everything about it but the price. Also rode the Pedego Latch. Enjoyed that one as well. I am also interested in the EZ Pedaler 350. As you can see I am interested in a folding bike that I can fit in the trunk of my Honda Civic. I also appreciate the internal hub motors as I can shift gears when I am stopped and don't have to worry too much about chain issues. Any help people could give me would be greatly appreciated. A couple of people have told me to get something better than a 250 W to make it up the hills easier. Thanks ahead of time for your help and guidance.

George S.

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On the home page, where the reviews are, you can run a search. There is a 'show all filters' function that includes 'frame type'. You want 'Folding'. If you just select that filter, you should get all the folding bike reviews.