Need Help with Display DPC-18


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Hi, I need some help with my display.
Its a DPC-18 and the wire was cut and the 5 pin green plug went missing.
I have another 5 pin green plug I can use but the wires are different colors.
Wires from Display: white, black, brown, orange, green
Wires from 5 pin Green Plug: yellow, black, red, blue, green
which wires do I connect together?
Ive looked up wiring diagrams and they dont seem to help


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I don't recommend you use another 5 pins green plug,
"Wires from 5 pin Green Plug: yellow, black, red, blue, green" work not work on your DPC18,
each color represents a signal, the same color maybe represent the same signal,
and maybe not, every wire supplier has its own standard,
Bafang has 5 wire suppliers, those 5 suppliers supply 100% same wires,
it must be "white, black, brown, orange, green".
so you need the same bafang dispplay wire, search "BAFANG BBS/BBSHD display extension cable".
you will find the target display wire:


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