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I’m in the process of my first build with a conversion kit. Its a front hub motor and when I first got it all hooked up something wasn’t right. With the bike on blocks I pushed the throttle and the motor shuttered a bit. I let off the throttle checked all the wiring and tested it again. Sadly I had the same problem, quick shutter then nothing. This time however I got a bit of smoke from the 9 pin connector.
I finally did get the motor to work but I still have issues. It’ll run fine for a while but sometimes I loose all power and other times just get that same shutter and nothing else. I have found that disconnecting and reconnecting that 9pin connection will remedy the problem but sometimes I have to do it two or three times.
Does anyone know why this is happening, if it is a problem with that 9 pin connector, and if so what so what I need to do to fix it??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll attach a picture of the female end of the connector where you can see the damage. 42393


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It's hard diagnose the problem from just your pic & description alone. It could be a defective component, like the motor or controller, that is causing the connector to smoke. The connector itself could be replaced with one available on the internet by splicing into the wiring harness. Doing so would certainly void any product warranty though. I would first contact the maker of your kit and ask how to proceed.


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This needs to be moved to diy kits & custom builds:
If it has been <30 days since order, send the entire kit back for a refund. Those 9 pin connectors are completely undersized for currents of a hub motor.
If it has been >30 days, throw it away and buy a kit with 14 ga wire for the motor wires, 3 mm wide spade terminals or .157" bullet connectors for the motor wiring, and a 6 pin rectangular connector for the position sensors. I bought mine from . I've had zero problems. Another DD motor kit for $189 from Amazon, the only problem has been the throttle stopped working in a drenching all day rain on a 30 mile trip. A session with the hairdryer, the throttle started working again.
The advantage of the rectangular connector, you can pop the pins out with a pick and install a second nut on the axle. These motors tend to come unfastened from the frame. A 2nd nut countertorqued to the first one prevents that problem. No, blue loktite doesn't work. I had to make the 14 mm x 1.75 nuts, nobody sells them without a motor included.


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That connector shouldn't smoke. You bought the controller and motor as part of the same kit?

Were there any connection points between the motor and controller that you had to makeup yourself?

The wiring scheme for a nine pin connector is standardized. Most everyone follows it, but some kits do put 6 pin rectangular connector and three bullet connectors between that and the controller. If you mixed up the order of the wires, there's an unlucky combo where the bike kind of runs, but uses too much current, which will smoke the connector.


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A quick stutter on my Sondors was a bad hall sensor in the motor. But the display showed a code number. When you melt a connector, it's either a dead short or an overloaded circuit. Where did you get the kit from? From what I read, cheap kits are fine for people who have technical and troubleshooting skills. If not, a more expensive kit from a supplier with customer support is a must.