Need help with Rattan LM/LF 500/750 wiring issue


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Orlando, FL
As I mentioned when I joined, I took mine over a bumpy section of road a few days ago and immediately developed a current issue (EC-30).

I'm emailed Rattan and was given this.

You turn the display on and try to disconnect the wire connections for the bike's brakes, turnbuckles, sensors and motor. When one of the wires is disconnected, error code 30 will disappear. Then there is a problem with the part in that location.
You try to test it.

IMO, it's vague almost to the point of ridiculous but, in fairness, I am an idiot.

I think I've found the where the wire harness plugs in but I've been unable to disconnect them using hand-force I'm comfortable with for fear of breaking something.

Can anyone offer any guidance or advice. Links to websites with photos and/or videos would be especially helpful?

Edit: Finally found how to remove the brakes from the circuit. Guess the turnbuckles and sensors are next before moving on to the motor.

Discovery is far more frustrating being directing, but at least it's somewhat gratifying.
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