Need helpnearing down my E Bike purchase...


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Hi Folks, after much research, I am down to three possibilities. Before I bite the bullet, I would love your input on which bike to purchase! I am leaning towards Biktrix, verses RadPower Bikes, this is due to their torque censored, hydraulic brakes, with a mid-drive option if needed. I live in a mountain community with steep hills, I'm looking for an all-terrain e-bike. My first choice was the Mid Drive Stunner X, the customer service at Biktrix is amazing! Real, the knowledgeable gal working for them told me the Stunner LT was another good option I should also consider. In her opinion, (an owner of LT herself), she feels the LT verses the Mid-Drive ( Stunner X), may offer me less maintenance and wore worry free. I was amaze she just did not direct me to the higher price Stunner X! Real, stated I would have to be cognizant of which gear I'm in when I come to a stop, and the powerful torque? However she said you will have no issues traveling up steep hills with the Stunner X. The Stunner LT is nicely equipped with hydraulic brakes 180 , a 750 hub motor- does anyone know who makes their hub motor? Front suspension, a half decent bike seat, ALUMINUM FENDERS, COLOR MATCHED RACK, ADJUSTABLE KICKSTAND here are the specs;,
My Bikes of choice are:
1. The Stunner X MidDrive with 24 x 3" MTN tires.
2. The Stunner LT with 24 x 4" tires
3. The RadRover Step-Thru, no hydraulic brakes, cadence sensor, and an uncomfortable seat from what I've been reading.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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If you live in a mountain town, go for the Stunner X, much better climber than the hub motor bikes but a Stunner X has no torque sensor if that matters to you,


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Really big hills and mid drives get along way better than a hub drives might. Consider this. The hub drive is a fixed gear reduction of 5:1. It's like driving your 5 speed transmission equipped car around in 3rd gear full time. The mid drive offers multiple gear choices for the motor - to optimize/match the available power to the conditions.

Going back to the 5 speed car, the mid drive allows the use of all 5 speeds - not just 3rd gear. 3rd gear is going to allow you to climb everything but the really steep stuff, but if you have "mountains" it's just not going to be enough.

I love the hub drives as I think they are easier to ride - but they have 1 limitation, and that's the ability to climb the big stuff. There you need the mid drive. In granny gear, they can climb a wall.