Need info on 2015 or 2016 Stromer V1 Elite with ST1 Frame


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Hello. Back in 2016, I bought a "leftover" Stromer at a great price. The bike was new and I believe it is a Stromer V1 Elite with an ST1 Frame. Stromer could not trace it for me with the serial number, but a Stromer rep in California told me that bike was sold to the bike shop in question right around the time I bought it. I have read that Stromer had a surplus of ST1 frames which they used in building up the "Stromer V1 Elite," model which they sold at a price point below what a standard ST1 sold for. I am trying to find out some more about this bike (motor, range, etc.) The bike came with an ST1 manual, charger, and charging dongle. I do not believe the bike is exactly like a Stromer ST1, but I don't know specifically how it differs.

If anybody knows anything about these bikes, I would be most appreciative for the information. Thanks.