Need input on replacing rear shock on Freesky Rocky Step-thru


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My wife and I are new to ebikes. I just bought a Freesky Rocky Step-thru full suspension fat tire ebike for my wife. The bike is nice for what it costs, but the rear shock is a 150x30mm HLT-100 850lb encased spring shock. Although it provides some dampening on the rear of the bike, it is too stiff for her at 125 lbs and even for me at 215 lbs. I was doing some research and am considering replacing it with either: a 150mm 650 lb "JFOYH Coil+Oil Adjustable Shock Absorber; or a 150x30mm Kindshock KS A5-RR1 Dual Air Rear Shock. Which of these shocks do you think would be better (softer ride on trails) on this bike?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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Did you check customer service for their input? It might effect your warranty. Maybe add a suspension seat post and/or a different saddle?