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Some people commute an hour a day in traffic. Some folks like to bounce around trails in the hillside. Others ride around the neighborhood. All kinds of different purposes for bikes. Doesb't seem like Japop is asking for much,

If Japop's knees worked like they used to work, and maybe if it were 10-15 years ago, he could do his intended riding on a $300 department store bike from Dicks Sporting Goods. I suggest he start out with the AVenton ebike and upgrade down the road if needed.

I looked on Facebook and temporarily joined the AVenton club there. Two thousand owners, most of them happy with their Aventons. You'll find the same with other online makes, Ecotric, Sondors, Lectric. Thousands of owners. All of these are getting by with online support. .


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I’m sure he does realize that -the point we’re trying to make is lots of us have owned online bikes and been totally happy with them

you have to realize this forum is small and you got opinions from four or five people saying mid drive more expensive bikes are better, we are the other group who owns mid drives and bikes like the Aventon and have been happy with the Aventon/rad power type bikes and had no problems and been happy with them

it’s best to ride both types of bikes or as many as you can but there is a reason radpower is one of the biggest electric bike dealers if not the biggest in the country


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I hear all the advice. Now I just have to convince myself that spending more than $2000 on a bike is worth it.

It is IMHO.

I did not want to spend over 2K, but after test riding a few eMTB's and Road ebikes at a LBS, I took the plunge and spent more than I wanted, but in return I got an ebike that fits me like a glove and rides the way I want to ride. I would feel a whole lot worse going to cheap route and then having buyers remorse of not really enjoying riding.

I am a beginner Mountain Rider and will eventually need to upgrade, and when that time comes, we will see, but nonetheless, getting an ebike that you really like and makes you want to ride should be first priority, and you need not spend 4,5,6,7K to find it.

Definitely recommend buying from a LBS no matter what the price point is, because I am telling you, when things go wrong, you need someone on your side, and a LBS is a great resource to have as a relationship that can make your life a whole lot easier and keep you on the road with an ebike that runs like it should.


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Regardless of whether you go with a LBS or mail order ebike, I believe you'd be well served by reviewing the forum threads on the brands you're interested in. You'll get a quick feel for the strong and weak points of each brand.

My wife and I? We bought our newest ebikes from our LBS. Our first ebikes were diy conversions. Now that we're well into our 70's we're OK paying more for more personal local service. After nearly 2 years on the new ebikes we're happy we went local. YRMV.