Need some advice on a kit purchase..


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Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of ebikes and I'm looking for a little advice. I've been scouring the interwebs for a suitable ebike conversion kit and so far I'm looking towards the BBS02 750 W kit from Bafang (purchased through I was hoping you could weigh in on my decision based on what I want to use the bike for, and tell me what you think.

My project is outlined below:

  • Bike: Giant Trace 3 dual suspension (see photo)
  • Planned Kit: bbs02 750 W
  • Battery: unknown
  • Commute: 30 km one-way (60km round-trip), relatively flat with an overall elevation gain of 100 m
  • Other factors: want to be able to maximize top speed (my trip is 100% on nicely paved bikepath with little-to-no traffic. I also would like to take this on the trails on the weekend for some shredding!
  • MAIN PROBLEM: as you can see from my pic below, the Trance 3 frame is a little too small for the battery packs sold through em3ev so I'm looking at some of the other "bottle-type" batteries out there (mostly on ebay and alibaba). Anyone know of any other battery resellers in North America that might have a suitable small battery in stock? Also, I'm open to the idea of building my own battery pack and can just have a nice case machined out of aluminum or 3D printed. Would rather buy something off the shelf though :)
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Thanks for looking over my post and I'm open to any other suggestions at this point; I'm not 100% sold on the bafang bbs02 but I do want a mid drive kit as I do a fair amount of trial riding. I think a hub-drive unit would push my C. of G. a little outside where I want it to be.


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You've mentioned the Bafang motors @Ben however, don't write off hub systems just yet. Now, I'm a total fan of the BionX D500 kit and the battery will probably fit in the middle, but it is speed limited to 20mph without assistance. One kit manufacturer here in San Angelo Texas, Electric Rider, builds the Phoenix system using high power & high torque Crystalyte hub motors and a variety of custom lithium battery packs. This type of build might allow you to suspend the batteries just under the top tube thus keeping a reasonable weight distribution. They even have a battery bag designed for that very construct. Just an idea!


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Is your bottom bracket shell 68-73mm? My 2012 Trance is 90mm. Is was planning a BBS02 but now waiting on BBS03.