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I've read and researched quite a bit about ebikes over the past week and was hoping the forum could help me with a purchase decision. I'm 47 years old, 250# 6,3" male. I find myself looking into ebikes because in December I went through some medical problems that fortunately I have recovered from but my state law procludes me from driving until I've been symptom free for at least 90 days. (no it wasn't a DWI or drug related).

I live in central Texas and my immediate area is quite hilly. My commute to my office is about 2.5 miles each way. I'm trying to look at my temporary medical setback in the brightest light and as an opportunity to start commuting to work. I've researched a number of bikes and read ebikes reviews exhaustedly online. I'm not sure I'm ready to plop down $4,000 on a new ebike like a Stromer when I'm not sure I'd stick with it after my driving restriction period is up. There are a couple of reputable ebike dealers here. I looked into a long term rental situation with one. That would be $15/day for two months or little over $900. I'm thinking that maybe purchasing a used one might fit the bill better because if I don't want to continue with the bike I could probably resell it for close to what I paid for it 2 months later.

Currently, I found two used options nearby.

One is a Pedego 36v city commuter that was purchased in Feb. 2013 and has 1200 miles on it. They are asking $1,700.00 for it

The second is a Stromer ST1 Platinum that is one year old but doesn't list the mileage and they're asking $2,750.

Any feedback would be appreciated as to whether these are fair used prices and a bike that would meet my needs?

Thanks Gary

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Please read my article about using a cellphone to find a perfect match. Our needs are similar, for different reasons.