Need to upgrade from my Townie


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I have been riding my Townie EBike for the last year and now looking at changing it out. First to say, it is the most comfortable bike I test rode that was available a year ago and I never hurt a bit in the shoulders and back.

The issue I am having is I just can’t do hills at all, given the ergonomics of the bike and the fact it is a cruiser you can’t stand and put pressure on the peddles. I already struggled with the chain always coming off and jamming up the behind the rail and motor. The shop has changed out my gear system to be a mountain bike system, which has really helped. I am now riding with others and they fly up hills and I know it’s not due to my fitness level.

I think I need a bike that is more appropriate for gravel, as a lot of my bike trails have gravel and I live on Vancouver Island with large hills. At this point I have had two accidents and feel I need better tires, as the Townie is mostly designed for street riding within the City.

I have watched so many reviews and talked to many folks, but getting totally overwhelmed. So, I welcome any suggestion to change. I want something more upright, step through frame, do hills and take gravel trails and not crazy heavy, my current bike is 55 pounds. The Cube model seems a good so far, but not sure if any available to purchase.


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Here is one option in Cube range.

There are other manufacturers making similar bikes. Power go for motors in 65-90nm range, gearing 10spd minimum with 11-42t cassette. Tires 2.15 -2.35. .
Speciallized Turbo Vado
Moustache Xroad range. I have Xroad5 excellent tourer and offroad explorer. Worth test ride.
Gazelle Ultimate T10. Suspension travel is limited more of tourer than offroad explorer.
Reise Muller if money is no object but they are heavy bikes.